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Beijing tyrone international hotel, yueqing hongqiao party branch in Beijing student is stranded

Date: 2010-01-28

On January 27th in the afternoon, Beijing Beijing tyrone international hotel conference room warm, 10 families from chongwen district qianmen area of each of the children received the first winter, before Spring Festival gift: a set of new clothes against the cold and financial aid.
Beijing Beijing tyrone international hotel is a foreign-related hotel is located at the front door area. Wang yunlong, chairman of the board of the restaurant, eager to participate in public welfare undertakings, take the initiative to find qianmen street asked student relieve the union. Under his leading, in the office of yueqing hongqiao hotel Beijing party branch of the party members joined the necessaries. The two units, a total of 10 front door areas difficult students and three disabled, difficult family, to help each student 200 yuan a month, until the students complete their studies.