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Beijing world tourism city experience centre will be launched in eleven

Date: 2013-09-06

Above the river Thames roaming, from Big Ben "fly", look at the Eiffel Tower in Paris... During the eleven "golden week", the Beijing municipal and visitors don't need to travel, experience in world tourism in Beijing city center can be immersive experience these wonderful travel experience. Yesterday (5), the Beijing LvYouWei revealed that September 11 to 14, 2013, the world tourism city Beijing xiangshan tourism summit and tourist cities in the world federation of the second session of the council will be held in Beijing, the summit will provide citizens and tourists present multiple highlights, including urban experience of the world tourism center, held the world tourist city federation of 2013 tour, etc.
World tourism experience city centre is the world's first tourist experience class large theme park, it is located in the chang 'an avenue west extension, the shijingshan district east, divided into south and north. Southern district is located in the Beijing international sculpture park, including comprehensive experience hall, tourist service center, the phantom of the city, the city, the urban taste, digital sand table, such as city shows 10 project experience.
"Experience and interaction will be central to experience and the theme of the window." Beijing world tourism Li Baochun introduction, director of the center for urban development experience centre will use the three dimensional animation, high-tech means such as digital holographic stereo projection and display each member city scenery.
At that time, Beijing, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, more than 60 cities such as Hong Kong's 3 d image of tourism, tourist landscape image and urban mascots will show in the center of the experience. Citizens and tourists can be "digital sand table" infinite amplification, immersed to the city's streets, scenic spots, through the vivid image, immersive experience to the world's major tourist cities of tourism resources.
"This can give the inconvenience of the old man felt happy travel, travel let children to broaden horizons, also for those who want to travel but haven't decided the potential tourists some experience and reference." Li Baochun said that, unlike the common product, tourism product hard experience, after the first purchase, and experience is to give consumers the opportunity to experience in advance before purchase.
North district is located in the center of Beijing international tourism experience center, after completion will be the world's tourist city federation of compound, focus on tourism experience exhibition activities and personnel training, academic research and other work, as has multiple functions such as display, experience, exchange and transmission of the comprehensive tourism core functional areas.
According to understand, experience center is under construction at present, the phase one plan on September 12, officially launched to the public during the eleven "golden week".
In addition, the world tourism city federation of 2013 tour on September 10 to 13 in wangfujing street reshipment. Characteristics of the main content of the tour include city image promotion, apparel, city tourism signs, badges, mascot, etc. More than 50 cities and travel agencies will be at the scene of the tour through the recommendation, theatrical performances and other activities, to the citizens and tourists to show their own culture and the charm of the city.
This year's tour also highlights interaction and experience. 3 d animation will be introduced in exhibition, visitors can on wangfujing street feel stereo effect to the world famous scenic spot. During the exhibition, the exhibition city to the scene of the six theatrical performances and nine games. In addition, Air China, a few big travel agencies, tourist agencies such as China railway union also will participate in the exhibition.