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Central scroll inn: fine product "siheyuan" cultural flavor

Date: 2014-12-19

Hutongs and courtyard houses, as the representative of the old Beijing civilian culture became a lot of foreign visitors experience the old Beijing life "musts.In Beijing xicheng district west 4th north two small alley, a small courtyard with an exclusive beautiful, called "central scroll inn", has become a famous "siheyuan" theme hotel.
The central scroll inn was founded in the late Ming dynasty, was the qing dynasty etiquette ertai's former residence.The chic small courtyard, there is a beautiful legend.Ertai smart beautiful wife, have not been able to fertility.A day to nap in the home, my wife ertai, dreamed of a white old man said to her, to flourish masuko, must be located in the northwest corner of the courtyard room, a stargazing on ZiQi, under the dragon vein.Woke up, she put the matter told ertai, two people to discuss, in the northwest corner of the yard has built a special room, the room top thin walls, the ceiling by coloured glaze bricks, can see the sky and the stars through the ceiling.Every day, Mrs Ertai and blessing in fixed hour room to watch a worship offering.Sure enough, 13 years, ertai lady have eight children.Hundreds of years, much transformed, only the binary type siheyun ancient buildings well-preserved, offers visitors to rest.
Between the front yard and back yard by a special corridor connection, corridor, as a palace of Chinese traditional culture.Brown wooden tables and chairs, Chinese paper cutting, red lanterns, and Peking Opera, send out a full-bodied taste of old Beijing.Embedded in the door on the hairpin auspicious, attached to embrace column on the couplet, and hanging in the indoor calligraphy and painting, the old adage of philosophers, pick a sentence of ancient and modern, elegant.Sitting on a plush chair, carefully taste the flavour is.The adjacent to the north sea, lakes, small courtyard, built in the lift eye visible looks like an old Beijing siheyuan culture and history museum.